Colours In French Agreements

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The French adjectives of simple colors correspond in sex and number to the no bite they change. More practical re position of colors After the name in French: Some colors do NOT change their endings in French. They are called “unchangeable.” Orange – Brown Brown – All colour combinations are immutable. Z.B. The navy blue car – the navy blue car The navy blue trucks The dark green car – the dark green car The dark green truck – the dark green truck The orange truck – the orange truck Simple colors in French change their endings to match the word (name) they describe. Z.B.: The green pencil – the green pencils Green pencils – the green car The green cars – the green cars `colored` is often added to invariable colors. For the Z.B.: Brown cars (f) – brown cars When I go to a wedding, I wear a green dress, a wide yellow straw hat, a golden clutch, beige tights and brown heels. Use the blue icon at the bottom right to hide/unveil the English translations below. Unlike English, French adjective color go according to the Nostun. In these cases, the name of the color is not derived from the names of other objects, stones, flowers or fruits.

When I go out to a restaurant, I wear a silver dress, a black scarf, a silver handbag and embassed shoes. And now we`re going to train with Robyn`s homework. Thank you Robyn! When colors are used as adjectives, they usually have to match the sub-tants that change them in sex and number – but there are a few notable exceptions. If a color uses multiple colors, the color adjectives are immutable. When I go to bed, I wear white panties, pink socks and a light pink nightgown. Before, at night, at home, I wear a salmon dressing gown and orange slippers. Follow the video and join the video. Then take the quiz online. The colors, which are composed of two words, are always immutable (light, pale, dark,…): we checked the adjectives of the colors with my Australian student Of Skype Robyn.

When I go to bed, I wear white panties, pink socks and a light pink nightgown. Before, at night, at home, I wear a salmon dress and orange slippers. More French colours? I`ll put you on the list of French color names on Wikipedia (with color fields, so it`s quite clear!) When I`m on the beach, I wear a black swimsuit, a black and yellow straw hat and a red pareo with flowers. I have a blue towel and I`m taking yellow sandals. If you learn French, color names are one of the first things you study. It is not easy to reconcile adjectives with the image they change. Improve your French even further and test Frantastique, an online French course. The color Brown is defined as a dark red black (Dictionary of the French Academy). In familiar French, brown is usually used to describe hair, skin (as for trepanated skin) or fur.

In other cases, we use Brown. Watch the video below to listen to the pronounced colors in French. If you repeat the French colour names, you will be able to memorize the new French vocabulary for good. If you want to learn more about French numbers, visit our blog for more resources to learn French. When I`m at the office, I wear a black skirt, a white blouse, a grey belt, a red scarf and black heels. I`m wearing a black satchel. If you want to learn how to pronounce colors in French, I made the video below so you can see it and hear the good pronunciation of colors in French.