Uf Alternate Work Location Agreement

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Yes, if you feel well enough to work from home and your department has given you permission to work in another workplace, you can work from home. If you don`t feel well enough to work, there are several ways to take time off, or you can also request extra vacation through the UF Holiday Donation Program. Please read the UF HR guidelines for these programs. Bring your Gator 1 ID card and, if you have one, your insurance card. Individuals are not personally responsible for payments not covered by paying third parties, including, but not exclusively, unsured or unconnected services, deductibles, co-insurance and/or co-payments. As the University of Florida works to restore the full functioning of the campus, all faculties, staff and students must complete an online screening questionnaire to determine if they have symptoms of COVID-19. They are also asked if they have been in close contact with someone who has symptoms or has been diagnosed with the infection. UF Health may report test results for use in the university`s Back to Work initiative to the University of Florida. Employees receive test results by email or phone. HR also receives a notification from the UF Health Screen, Test-Protect Team, which indicates whether a staff member is allowed to return to work. Staff focus on cleaning after work, as they refer to visibly polluted areas and immediately clean up these sites. All University of Florida faculties, residents, fellows and staff working on the campuses of UF Health Jacksonville and UF Health North, as well as outpatients and other sites, will meet these requirements. No no.

The nose injecting test can only detect if you can infect other people at the time of the test. If your test is negative, you are not contagious at the time of the test, but you may become infected later, and if you are infected, you can spread the infection to your staff or the community. For more information on granting employment in another workplace in the United States, see the Alternative Workplace Directive. A full and signed copy of the Alternative Work Location Agreement (a filling-up PDF document) must be e-mailed to compensation@ufl.edu for classification and compensation.