Us Social Security Agreement With Australia

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(a) In the case of insurance periods in Germany, periods of Australian working life are also taken into account in determining the right to benefits under German law, provided that these periods do not conform to the aforementioned periods of coverage. 3. This agreement also applies to all laws and regulations that extend existing legislation to new categories of beneficiaries if the government of the contracting party concerned does not issue a written objection to the government of the other party within six months of the formal publication of those laws and regulations. 3. Australian nationals residing in Switzerland leave Switzerland for up to three months are not considered interrupted by residences in Switzerland within the meaning of paragraph 2. (d) Section 6 mining companies, point b), are companies that exploit minerals or similar substances and those that primarily operate quarries and land underground. Part 2 – International Social Security Agreements 2 d. Any request for assistance to the competent bodies of the contracting parties must be made in accordance with an agreement between the competent bodies of the contracting parties, according to which: 1. A written request for benefits submitted to the agency of one contracting party protects the rights of the applicants under the legislation of the other party, when the applicant requests that it be considered an application under the legislation of the other party. (a) contain provisions guaranteeing, in new Zealand, compliance with the safeguards provided by New Zealand data protection legislation in the information reconciliation agreements and the compliance of agreements with New Zealand`s data protection provisions; A person who receives an Australian pension, benefit or allowance from Australia under Australian social security law, because that person`s partner receives an Australian benefit under this agreement, is considered, under this agreement, to be the beneficiary of that pension, benefit or allowance. , the benefit or allowance if he or she is not physically staying in Australia, but if that person is a recipient of a care pension, does not cease to receive that pension as long as he or she is physically staying in Cyprus.

2. When an agency of a contracting party makes a request, notification or appeal, that agency ensures that it is immediately forwarded to the competent liaison body of the other party. 2. For the purposes of this article, the competent authorities may, by written agreement, provide that a member of the personnel of a ship or aircraft in international circulation is subject to the legislation of a specific contracting party. 2. As far as the Republic of Hungary is concerned, it is not possible to acquire or maintain several similar benefits or incomes on the basis of the same compulsory insurance period in accordance with this agreement. This does not apply to disability, old age or death benefits. 5. When a person who receives an Australian old-age pension under this agreement temporarily travels to a third country, that benefit is still payable for the period under the Australian Social Security Act, a person who is not in Australia is entitled to the Australian Old Age Pension above which the old age pension is calculated proportionately. On that date, the payment of the old age pension is fully suspended under this agreement.