Youtube Tv Fox Sports Agreement

April 16, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Sinclair bought Disney`s 21 regional fox sports networks, which had to sell the RSN to get justice department approval for 21st Century Fox`s movie and television stores. As part of a separate pact with Disney, Sinclair acquired an interest in YES, which carries games for the New York Yankees and The Brooklyn Nets. As part of the new agreement with Sinclair, YouTube TV appears to have limited some or all of the 19 Fox RSNs available. YouTube says customers can check which channels are available in their zip code on their website at From October 1, YouTube TV will no longer have access to Sinclair`s regional fox sports channels. If you recall, Google`s streaming television service first announced that it would no longer run Fox Regional Sports Networks in February because it “was unable to reach an agreement” with the channel. Both companies were able to arrange an extension that would allow subscribers to continue accessing the channels, while the terms of the agreement were waived. It is clear that they have not been able to reach an agreement after months of negotiations. Earlier this year, Google`s live television service extended its promotional contract with the Fox RSN until the end of the NBA, MLB and NHL seasons.

Now that the seasons are over, youTube TV has stated that Fox RSNs will no longer be available from October 1st. Last August, Sinclair bought 21 local fox sports channels from Disney for $9.6 billion. These RSNs have the rights to cover 42 professional sports teams in the NBA, NHL and MLB. YouTube TV will also not offer the YES Network, which broadcasts New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets games on television, with Sinclair holding a 20% stake in the channel. Of MLB`s 30 teams, 15 broadcast their games on Sinclair`s Fox networks. The dispute arrived at this stage just one month after mlb`s opening date, March 26. UPDATE: YouTube TV customers have lost 19 Fox regional sports networks owned by Sinclair Broadcast since Thursday, after Google and the channel failed to secure extension conditions. Sinclair and YouTube are likely to want Fox`s regional sports networks on YouTube TV — it justifies the $65 monthly fee for YouTube subscribers. It`s just a matter of forcing your hand. Sinclair confirmed the news with Variety on Wednesday, where they also raised hopes of a new deal to return regional sports networks to fox on YouTube TV. The service did not specify why they were unable to reach an agreement, but the first time the dispute with Sinclair was revealed, it drew Engadget`s attention to its attempt to reconcile the escalating costs of sports transmission with good value for subscribers. It should be noted that the extension she negotiated with Sinclair did not contain the Yankees` YES Network, which completely abandoned it after February.

In a statement posted on Twitter, YES Network said: “YouTube TV refuses to pay the market price for selfish reasons and accepts market conditions accepted by other YES distributors.” ATT TV offers five different packages, ranging from $59.99 per month to $129.99 per month. But total up to $8.49 per month for each package if you want regional sports channels, including FOX Sports North. So basically, the cheapest package you can subscribe to with the regional sports channel is $68.48, which is a little more than YouTube TV and Hulu Live. “We are pleased that YouTube TV has been able to agree on terms for 19 of our NSRs and will continue to offer subscribers access to some of the country`s most in-demand sports networks,” said David Gibber, Sinclair`s senior VP and general, in a statement. A number of Fox Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) will no longer be available to YouTube TV subscribers from October 1, the company said.