Indiana Cape Boerperd Stud / Indi Miniature Horse Stud

The History – Indi Miniture stud:

Johan and the boys bought 3 miniture mares from Job Steenkamp a couple of years ago. Ezelle fell in love with these delighful little horses and bought a stallion from Roy Pringle in Natal.

We just got another little mare from a very old establish stud and look forward to lovely foals in 2017/2018.



Indiana Hiersek

Indiana Ntombazane

The History of Indiana Stud

Indiana Stud is one of the oldest Cape Boerperd studs and has been in existence for over 50 years. Indiana Stud was started by Ben de Klerk a founding member of the Boerperdbreeders society as well as former president of the Cape Boerperd breeders Society.

Indiana Stud has produced numerous SA champions over the years. Our horses are known for their good temperament, style, action and hardiness.

Our horses are kept on natural gazing with supplementary feeding in severe drought conditions. Youngsters are trained from the age of two years. They are first used as stock horses and are later schooled for showing.

At present we use two stallions to breed with. We have 15 broodmares.  Indiana Hiersek and Indiana Coco.
The whole family ride and the horses are shown by Johan, Ezelle, JJ, Francois and JP.

We have young horses for sale from time to time.

Johan is an inspector for the Boerperd breeders Society. Both Johan and Ezelle are board members of the Cape Boerperd Breeders Society. Ezelle is chairman of the Cape Boerperd Breeders Society and breed director for the Cape Boerperd Breeders Society.